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Redefining Clinical Decision Support

Avhana is redefining Clinical Decision Support (CDS). Utilizing technology and design, we’ve built a platform that puts users at the center of everything we do.

Integrating with the EHR, our algorithms reconcile patient specific data against clinical guidelines. In doing so, we can produce evidence-based recommendations at the point of care. Avhana simplifies the process of guideline management and compliance with quality programs (PQRS, MIPS, MU, etc).

Personalized Interventions

Avhana engine identifies relevant patents that have gaps in care based on national recognized clinical recommendations


Avhana engine enables closure of those care gaps directly in your electronic health record at the point of care and documents the action in the progress notes of your EHR


Dashboard to help keep track of evolving quality programs and how you are performing.


Avhana Health is a cloud-based clinical decision support (CDS) platform that allows you to maximize the return on information inside your EHR. We do this by leveraging the patient specific data already in the EHR to recommend actionable clinical interventions that result in better, more consistent care. Our platform makes it easy to implement and maintain quality programs and guidelines, and is clinician friendly by completely integrating into the workflow you already have in place.

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