Platform Overview 

Avhana Health quality improvement platform provides the tools that forward thinking organizations need to comply with complex quality programs.  The platform "sits on top of" your current EHR ensuring there is a single truth of clinical data. 

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Point of Care Clinical Workflow Tools 

Through our unique relationship with our EHR partners we are able to both push and pull data in real time ensuring there is always a single truth of data. This means a unique set of tools to help you streamline workflow and increase the quality of care you are providing. 


Pre Visit Checklist 

Actionable pre-visit planning empowers your careteam to take action before the patient visit. 

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Robust Performance Monitoring

The Avhana platform allows quality teams to better understand how they are performing on their quality programs in real time. This utilization data allows to quickly identify and close gaps. In addition providing the utilization data needed to make actionable change. 



Utilization Dashboards

Diagnose ineffective processes in your care team and where there are breakdown in the workflows that is preventing you from achieving your goals. 

Quality Dashboards 

Understand how you are performing on quality programs in real time with the "canary in the coal mine" allowing you to make action months in advance you normally would.