The Avhana Mission

Avhana is a Health IT company that goes beyond. What do we mean?

We go beyond the silos in your EMR to give clinical staff a complete patient picture—and to pre-order procedures and save clinical staff time. And here’s the best part—it all flows seamlessly back into your EHR. No double data entry, no email digests to review.

We go beyond time savings to impact the bottom line—by improving quality scores and driving increased incentive payments.

We go beyond the customer-no-service model of IT industry and deliver truly first-name customer care. Your success is our success.

Are you ready to go beyond your current pre-visit planning processes and quality programs? To simplified workflows and increased reimbursement?


Are you looking for a career that helps improve patient care and physician satisfaction? Do you like solving problems and then moving on to the next challenge? We’re primarily based in Baltimore, but have openings from time-to-time around the U.S.