Take the pain and hassle out of pre-visit planning

No matter where your organization is with regards to pre-visit planning, Avhana drives efficiency, time savings and provider satisfaction. Let’s go beyond your current workflows to also close care gaps and improve reimbursements.

Our clients often complete pre-visit planning days or weeks ahead of time. Because the platform is so simple and intuitive—and most importantly integrated into your EHR.

With the click of a button you can see upcoming appointments, care guidelines and suggested orders. Once you select the desired items, a simple submit button sends the orders directly back into the EHR encounter, ready for the patient to check in.


Drive quality initiatives to close care gaps and maximize reimbursements

With the move to value-based care, identifying and closing potential care gaps is more important than ever.

Quality managers, management and administration can easily see trends over time and quickly act to close gaps in care. This improves compliance across the organization and identifies providers or locations that need assistance.

Avhana dashboards also become a population health tool.



“Avhana has been in the trenches with us from day 1. They’re always there for me and they want to make sure the solution is as effective and efficient as possible. Knowing we shared the same goal—closing care gaps—has made for a successful partnership.”
— Quality Performance Manger, Borinquen Medical Center

Choose just the measures and guidelines you need–seamlessly integrated into your EHR

Quality managers and practice administrators can easily select the quality program measures and care gap guidelines that are most appropriate for your practice. This allows you to focus on the scores and measure that matter to your patient population and your bottom line.

Orders and billing codes are also customized to your practice usage—ensuring you make the most quality impact possible.

And because the orders selected by your medical staff flow directly back into your EHR—your staff can spend more time focused on patient care and less time on administrative tasks.