Go beyond the tools in your EHR

Avhana specializes in helping FQHCs:


Save provider time by simplifying the pre-visit planning process

See trends and care gaps with easy-to-read real-time dashboards

Maximize reimbursements from health plans and government programs by flagging potential care gaps before the patient even sets foot in the office

Focus on the programs that matter—selecting the quality measures and gaps of care most appropriate for your center


Read how Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade have mastered pre-visit planning using Avhana

And by closing care gaps, their quality scores increased significantly and they qualified for additional quality incentives.


When closing care gaps also drives the bottom-line

Using Avhana’s pre-visit planning tool to identify care gaps recently netted one FQHS a $50,000 year-end quality incentive. And providers report savings of more than 40 minutes per provider, per day.

How? It starts with streamlining the pre-visit planning process by clicking the Avhana button within your EHR. Clinical staff see recommended actions based on the patient history, lab results and quality guidelines and once they select the desired actions—it automatically flows back into the encounter in athena.

No software to install, no double data entry, no overnight email digests to read.

Avhana’s dashboard allows the management team to review clinic-by-clinic, provider-by-provider quality data—to identify trends and spot potential gaps in care.

Avhana clients often see a 10+ point increase in quality measures. If your quality measures were 10 points higher—what could that mean to patient care and wrap-around payments or incentives?


As the Director of Quality for a busy FQHC, I am always looking for new technology to help our day to day quality initiatives. Our clinical users use it every morning to help plan their day and make sure they are satisfying all their quality measures. By using Avhana, our departments have been able to improve the pre-visit planning process.
— Quality Director, Avhana Health Customer

Personalized for your FQHC

Quality managers can easily select the quality program measures and care gap guidelines that are most appropriate for your organization. This allows you to focus on the scores and measure that matter to your patient population and your bottom line.

Orders and billing codes are also customized to your usage—ensuring you make the most quality impact possible.

And because the orders selected by your medical staff flow directly back into your EHR—your staff can spend more time focused on patient care and less time on administrative tasks. When the patient checks in, pre-set orders are immediately triggered, in a highly efficient, automatic workflow.